Goldform Case Study

In approximately May / June 2015 my friends horse and ours were out in the field over night when we think something must have spooked them. We believe that Ty a (cob / Irish draught) and Truce (Ex race horse) jumped the gate for safety from the rest of the herd, which were in a field further up the lane.

At 6.30am Ty was found bludgeoned on the field gate by a lady walking her dog, with no visible signs of any of the other horses. Luckily Ty was calm and not thrashing around, however the lady noticed that both of his hind legs were twisted in the gate and he was unable to free them.

The vet and the fire brigade was called, somehow Ty manage to move a little and free one leg. As the vet arrived he managed to free the other so the fire brigade was cancelled.

Ty then walked ¼ mile up the lane to the yard with just a little sedation, as the vet needed to see the full scale of his injuries and were it was most painful.